First Appearance: 37# Age of Apocalypse

The main villian who controls the Apocalypse is the main arch enemy at least in the beginning with the controlling and maintaining the Age of Apocalypse with the help of Enchantress. However his powerful position soon changes and he is soon found to be irrelevant for the Apocalypse. Also in revelation he is the Anti-Christ while in the TV Show David Palmer turns out to be the evil Zsalamel who was the dictator of the country Haiti.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

He is first seen in the first issue concerning the Age of Apocalypse branding people who were captured by the Apocalypse in order to brand themwith his use of controlling eyes including branding Taki. While attempting to control Ironman he gets into a fight with him. He soon manages to brand him and continues branding the others. He begins to use his eye to control the likes of Taki and also the others he already has branded when the Yu-Gi-Oh attempting to destroy Zsalamel before sending all of them into the seal of Orococosse. He is attempted to be stopped by Starfire after her boyfriend Nightwing is among those branded with the and is in the seal. She is soon killed by Nina Myers as she snatches the sythe from his hand.

XSSD TV ShowEdit

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He is first appears as giving orders behind a chair not revealing his identity. However it is soon seen that he is the Anti-Christ who is currently on trial by Harvey Dent, Rachel and Sandra Palmer. He manages to kill all those on the jury in his case and the judge. He gives a text to Rachel asking her to meet him up the roof which she does before Zsalamel knocks him off from the building. During which he expresses how he wants this incident to destroy Harvey Dent.

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