First Appearance: Revelation 9# The Rapture and the Rebels

While not appearing the XSSD comics, Shura is first seen in Revelation as part of the Rebel team which after facing Revelation soon join the Revelation team after Zelda's death. In Revelation it is revelaed that she is the daughter of Taki who she faces during the fight. In XSSD TV Series she helps get the Apocalypse underway with teaming up with Gambit one of the horsemen however during the Age of Apocalypse her along with Gambit are killed. 

XSSD: TV ShowEdit

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She is part of the rebel team lead by Metaknight who were not saved but had recently converted to Christianity. Xavier however doesn't believe this teams story and ask for Revelation team to fight them. While they are all hiding she realises that her mother, Taki is among the team trying to attack the Rebel team. Taki knows her daighters on the team but she carries on regardless and the two teams clash and have a fight. Shura defeats her mother, however Zelda is killed by baby Luigi chainchop causing for Xavier and Link to leave while the Rebel team and Lei Fang and Jann Lee join the Revelation team.