First Appearance: 1# Raphael's Kingdom Part 1

He is one of the original XSSD members who appears in the first issue. However while he does appear in the comics he soon dies as did his master Marth.

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

Roy is part of the original team which went on the first issue to the deathmatch between Yungsung and Raphael along with the likes of Storm, Havok, Kirby, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Phoenix, Bowser, Psylocke, Taki. During the fight Raphael get's so powerful from SOUL that he manages to push the likes of Roy, Xianghua, Psylocke and Ivy to another planet.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

He along with the likes of Talim, Sophitia, Zelda, Beast and Wolf Claw are trapped at the beginning of the Age of Apocalypse are locked in the seal of Orcocosse. They soon after those who were controlled by the eye who also were trapped in the seal were freed and Roy has a talk with Taki asking her how the Soul Calibur people came into the 21st century and that also the history of Soul Edge.

He witnesses Cassandra in the form of Tira's death in issue 41 after she falls into the trap of trying to run out of the pyramid and ending up running into a pit of spikes.

In issue 42 there is an alternate Roy who has half his brain exposed which along with an alternate Peach and Cassandra Nova come into the real world with the Age of Apocalypse and they join Storm and Marvel Boy in their battle against the Apocalypse. In this issue the real Roy tries to join Storm but has to face an eye control of Taki. In the following issue both the real and the alternate Roy face the Apocalypse in which they get badly wounded by the Apocalypse. 

In the 44 issue Roy is finally killed by a blast from the Apocalypse whereas the alternate Roy is still living but is not heard of from then. Ike who enters in the following issue takes on the mantel for his dead team mate Roy who gave his life during the Age of Apocalypse.

XSSD: TV ShowEdit