First Appearance: 55# Age of Apocalypse

He appears on the scene during the House of M saga within the saga of Age of Apocalypse in issue 55, he helps defend the fugitives like Ice Climber who are telling everyone that the House of M is not a real reality. He is the son of Sophitia, nephew of Cassandra and the brother of Pyrrha.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

In issue 57 when everyone returns to the Age of Apocalypse from the House of M reality, Z.W.E.I starts to hoose the victims for Apocalypse new torturing system known as Boling Point Pot. His mother Sophitia is chosen initally however Patroklos also comes along insisting he will die with his mother. The torture method of the Boiling Point Pot is not only the burning but also the reliving of the past which might be even more devasting and might be the factor that kills them. Wehn both him and his mother go in a dark secret showing Patroklos is father was trying to rape his aunty Cassandra which failed and then him trying to kill her is revealed. Sophitia is soon however revealed to have killed her husbband to protect Cassandra and this is the memory that causes for Sophitia to dieand burst into flames.

House of MEdit

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