First Appearance: Raphael's Kingdom part 1

One of the first villians ever to face XSSD, Ivy is a cold, heartless and manipulative villain. Her father Cervantes has also had dealings with XSSD.

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

In the first ever issue Raphael Kingdom part 1, Ivy goes to a death match which Raphael has ordered in order to fight her nemesis XSSD which includes her rival Psylocke. During these events she tries and makes Yungsung who is facing Raphael in the death match lose and also bumps into Mystique. However she is soon pushed by Raphael's power from of SOUL to soon be pushed into another world after nearly killing XSSD. On the planet Ivy along with the rest of XSSD are faced with some foes however after the defeating of them all Ivy seems to remain on the planet  and has not been heard of ever since.

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