Iron Man

Iron Man

Tony Stark

First Appearance: 37# Age of Apocalypse

Tony Stark is a rich business man turnned to superman best known as Ironman. In the comics he is seen as one of the captives in the Age of Apocalypse and is in the first ever comic in the Age of Apocalypse saga. In the TV show however he is anything but a hero as he is in fact a bounty hunter trying to kill Mario.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

He is seen with Peach as well as others in 37# and the first issue of the Age of Apocalypse. he fights Zsalamel who is trying to brand everyone with his eye of control which Ironman fails to resist and is branded. It is him and Peach who soon becomes friends with him that find the bodies of Lionel, Amy Sorel and Raphael. When Yu-Gi-Oh attempts to fight Zsalamel him along with Peach who is also branded are called to fight him but they are soon all placed in the seal of Orococosse.

XSSD: TV ShowEdit

Season 5Edit

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