First Appearance: 35# Upside and Down Part 1

Possibly the most damaging XSSD villian and certainally the most devious ever, Echantress appears first as the Human Torch's girlfriend and ends up being his wife. During their Honeymoon Echantress manages to unleash the Apocalypse and she is repsponsible for manipulating the power which the Human Torch absorbed from Onslaught and as a result she was instrumental in welocoming the most gruesome and treachorous age in XSSD history.

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

She first appears in issue 35 when she tagged along with her boyfriend Human Torch who manages to defeat Onsluaght. Afterwards she is proposed by the Human Torch in which she accepts. They are then married by Talim and they go on their honeymoon in Egypt. However due to the death of Marth and Yungsung, Talim, Invisble Woman and Sophitia hide in the suitcases to check up on the Human Torch. In reality the Enchantress wanted to trick the Human Torch to use the power he asorbed from onslaught to unleash the Age of Apocalypse which despite fights against her to prevent it from happening the Age of Apoclaypse is none the less unleashed.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

After deceving her husband Human Torch, she has a conversation with Lex Luthor and agrees to killing him. She tries to kill him but is saved by Ariel who then attempts to fight Ariel before the Human Torch comes in to save Enchantress. She takes fun out of the Human Torch who mourns over the death of his sister before he engages in another fight against Ariel and Human Torch.

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