First Appearance: 10# Cassandra vs Cassandra

An XSSD member with a fatal tale to tell, her first appearance in the 10th issue would have her face her soon to be  nemesis Cassandra Nova. During the Arena saga which had predominatly in she was believed to be killed however in Age of Apocalypse she returned but as her alto ego known as the evil Tira. She is the sister of Sophitia.

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

In her first appearance it finds her being trapped by the likes of Cassandra Nova in a Classic XSSD. As a result Xavier and Sophitia try to save her but soon they are also trapped by Cassandra Nova who tries to impersenate Xavier, which she did the first time she captured Cassandra. Soon Cassandra Nova is found out and defeated with the help of Xavier's mind powers and with Nightcrawler and Rogue facing her.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

While she is pressumed dead during the arena saga, which she is, her alter-ego known as Tira is alive as well and she is first seen in the Age of Apocalypse in issue 37 and is seen being a slave driver to the likes of Hworang, Seung-Mi-na and Storm. It is revealed that she along with Todo, Xianghua and others are detestined to have alter-ego. So Xianghua alter-ego which is one of the fully good alter ego's is X-Lady where as Todo who is good is the alterego of the evil Waluigi.

During a fight between a Todo turned to Waluigi, Cassandra has appeared to have taken over Tira and it is seen that she is alive and well and she helps the likes of Raven, Seung-Mi-na face Waluigi. She is soon found inside Apocalypse himself along with Raven, Storm, Hworang, Seung-Mi-na. She explains how the only they can escape is by her turning to Tira ain order to break out of Apocalypse after Raven uses her mind control and fails.

While Tira continues to be a presence in the Age of Apocalypse that is the last appearance of Cassandra. In issue 41 after Storm instructs everyone in their pyramid that they are free to go Tira runs first in order to escape the Apocalypse much to her horror however there is a pit of spikes down below cuasing for her as well as Cassandra to be killed instantly.

In Issue 57 it is revealed that Cassandra was nearly raped and then killed by Sophitia's husband, before he was killed by Sophitia defending her sister.

XSSD: TV ShowEdit

Season 2Edit