Amy Sorel

Amy Sorel


First Appearance: 37# Age of Apocalypse

The adopted daughter of Raphael, she trully cares for her father but doesn't appear until the Age of Apocalypse first comic issue 37. She saves him from being killed by Lionel Luthor and kills him. She is locked up in the pyramids along with everyone else in the world.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

Being locked in the pyramids along with her father who is dying from a disease and is about to be shot at by Lionel Luthor, Amy comes in and saves him before getting shot by Lionel. She however manages to stay alive and is set by Raphael to carry out his last wish as he dies from his disease to find Valeria who he says is his sister. She finds Valeria who is indeed evil who reveals to Amy that she is the sister of Raphael but also that her father is Doctor Doom and her mother is Invisble Woman. Soon she is mauled by Valeria's gigantic hand.